Welcome back!

It has been a whirlwind past several weeks with SMTW.org! I decided to close BattleHymn.org after three glorious years. As cliche has it sounds, my life is currently changing and I feel like I am finally evolving into the person that *I* want to be – not what others wish to see, and thus Save Me the Waltz was born. The name is from the title of a book by the great Zelda Fitzgerald and I have to say, this domain fits me better than many that I’ve had! I hope you all like it too!

Just a quick life update: school is still going well. Today is my last day before spring back and I get 10 much needed days off! When I get back from spring break, two days later, I begin my internship. Exciting!! I just hope I do well and not disappoint myself, the business, and my professor. My personal life is going okay. I’ve been going out, meeting new people, and just acting my age for once and enjoying life! I got my very first tattoo two weeks ago and I have an appointment on Monday to get my second. They definitely are addicting!

SMTW is still under construction as I add and edit the pages and sidebar so please bear with me for the time being :)